Class phpDocumentor_HighlightParser

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Highlights source code using parse()

Class Variables


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Method Detail

void configWordParser (array &$data)
void newLineNum ()
bool parse (array &$parse_data, Converter &$converter, [bool $inlinesourceparse = false], [string|false $class = false], [false|integer $linenum = false], [false|string $filesourcepath = false])
void setLineNum (int $num)
void setupStates (bool $inlinesourceparse, false|string $class)

Constructor phpDocumentor_HighlightParser (line 2322)

void phpDocumentor_HighlightParser( )

Initialize the $tokenpushEvent, $wordpushEvent arrays


Method configWordParser (line 2231)

void configWordParser( array &$data)

Overrides : Parser::configWordParser() tell the parser's WordParser $wp to set up tokens to parse words by.

Give the word parser necessary data to begin a new parse


  • array &$data: all tokens separated by line number


Method newLineNum (line 346)

void newLineNum( )

wraps the current line (via the converter) and resets it to empty


  • uses - Converter::SourceLine() - encloses $_line in a converter-specific format

Method parse (line 406)

bool parse( array &$parse_data, Converter &$converter, [bool $inlinesourceparse = false], [string|false $class = false], [false|integer $linenum = false], [false|string $filesourcepath = false])

Overrides : phpDocumentorTParser::parse() Parse a new file

Parse a new file

The parse() method is a do...while() loop that retrieves tokens one by one from the $_event_stack, and uses the token event array set up by the class constructor to call event handlers.

The event handlers each process the tokens passed to them, and use the _addoutput() method to append the processed tokens to the $_line variable. The word parser calls newLineNum() every time a line is reached.

In addition, the event handlers use special linking functions _link() and its cousins (_classlink(), etc.) to create in-code hyperlinks to the documentation for source code elements that are in the source code.


  • array &$parse_data: the parse data
  • Converter &$converter: the converter object
  • bool $inlinesourceparse: whether this data is from an inline {@source} tag
  • string|false $class: if a string, it is the name of the class whose method we are parsing containing a {@source} tag
  • false|integer $linenum: starting line number from {@source linenum}
  • false|string $filesourcepath: full path to file with @filesource tag, if this is a @filesource parse


Method setLineNum (line 365)

void setLineNum( int $num)

Start the parsing at a certain line number


  • int $num: line number


Method setupStates (line 2248)

void setupStates( bool $inlinesourceparse, false|string $class)

Overrides : Parser::setupStates() setup the parser tokens, and the pushEvent/popEvent arrays

Initialize all parser state variables


  • bool $inlinesourceparse: true if we are highlighting an inline {@source} tag's output
  • false|string $class: name of class we are going to start from


Inherited Variables

Inherited Class Variable Summary

Inherited From Class phpDocumentorTParser

phpDocumentorTParser::$inlineTagHandlers -

phpDocumentorTParser::$source_location - relative path of the parsed file from the base parse directory

Inherited From Class Publisher

Publisher::$subscriber - Array of references objects that have Subscribed to this publisher

Inherited Methods

Inherited Method Summary

Inherited From Class phpDocumentorTParser

phpDocumentorTParser::phpDocumentorTParser() - Constructor

phpDocumentorTParser::parse() - Parse a new file

Inherited From Class Parser

Parser::Parser() - Set up invariant parsing variables

Parser::categoryTagHandler() - handles @category

Parser::checkEventPop() - this function checks whether parameter $word is a token for popping the current event off of the Event Stack.

Parser::checkEventPush() - this function checks whether parameter $word is a token for pushing a new event onto the Event Stack.

Parser::configWordParser() - tell the parser's WordParser $wp to set up tokens to parse words by.

Parser::defaultTagHandler() - Handles all standard tags that only have a description

Parser::endTag() - Called to clean up at the end of parsing a @tag in a docblock

Parser::exampleTagHandler() - handles @example

Parser::getParserEventName() - Debugging function, takes an event number and attempts to return its name

Parser::globalTagHandler() - handles @global

Parser::invalidTagHandler() - Handles tags like '@filesource' that only work in PHP 4.3.0+

Parser::packageTagHandler() - handles @package

Parser::paramTagHandler() - handles @param

Parser::parse() - Parse a new file

Parser::propertyTagHandler() - Handles @property(-read or -write) and @method magic tag

Parser::returnTagHandler() - handles @return

Parser::setupStates() - setup the parser tokens, and the pushEvent/popEvent arrays

Parser::staticvarTagHandler() - handles @staticvar

Parser::usesTagHandler() - handles @uses

Parser::varTagHandler() - handles @var

Inherited From Class Publisher

Publisher::publishEvent() - Publish an event

Publisher::subscribe() - Adds a subscriber to the $subscriber array().

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