Class phpDocumentorTParser

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Located in File: /phpDocumentor/

Tokenizer-based parser for PHP source code

Classes extended from phpDocumentorTParser:
Highlights source code using parse()

Class Variables


$eventHandlers = array(
PARSER_EVENT_ARRAY => 'handleArray',
PARSER_EVENT_VAR_ARRAY => 'handleArray',
PARSER_EVENT_VAR_ARRAY_COMMENT => 'handleVarArrayComment',
PARSER_EVENT_CLASS => 'handleClass',
PARSER_EVENT_COMMENT => 'handleComment',
PARSER_EVENT_LOGICBLOCK => 'handleLogicBlock',
PARSER_EVENT_NOEVENTS => 'defaultHandler',
PARSER_EVENT_OUTPHP => 'defaultHandler',
PARSER_EVENT_DEFINE => 'handleDefine',
PARSER_EVENT_DEFINE_PARAMS => 'handleDefineParams',
PARSER_EVENT_DEFINE_PARAMS_PARENTHESIS => 'handleDefineParamsParenthesis',
PARSER_EVENT_INCLUDE_PARAMS_PARENTHESIS => 'handleIncludeParamsParenthesis',
PARSER_EVENT_DOCBLOCK => 'handleDocBlock',
PARSER_EVENT_TAGS => 'handleTags',
PARSER_EVENT_DESC => 'handleDesc',
PARSER_EVENT_DOCKEYWORD_EMAIL => 'handleDockeywordEmail',
PARSER_EVENT_FUNCTION => 'handleFunction',
PARSER_EVENT_FUNCTION_PARAMS => 'handleFunctionParams',
PARSER_EVENT_FUNCTION_PARAM_VAR => 'handleFunctionParams',
PARSER_EVENT_FUNC_GLOBAL => 'handleFuncGlobal',
PARSER_EVENT_GLOBAL_VALUE => 'handleGlobalValue',
PARSER_EVENT_INLINE_DOCKEYWORD => 'handleInlineDockeyword',
PARSER_EVENT_INCLUDE => 'handleInclude',
PARSER_EVENT_INCLUDE_PARAMS => 'handleIncludeParams',
PARSER_EVENT_QUOTE => 'handleQuote',
PARSER_EVENT_PHPCODE => 'handlePhpCode',
PARSER_EVENT_SINGLEQUOTE => 'handleSingleQuote',
PARSER_EVENT_STATIC_VAR => 'handleStaticVar',
PARSER_EVENT_VAR => 'handleVar',
PARSER_EVENT_ACCESS_MODIFIER => 'handleAccessModifier',
PARSER_EVENT_IMPLEMENTS => 'handleImplements',
PARSER_EVENT_CLASS_CONSTANT => 'handleClassConstant',
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Data type : mixed

$inlineTagHandlers = array(
'*' => 'handleDefaultInlineTag',
'link' => 'handleLinkInlineTag',
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Data type : mixed

$source_location (line 146)

Data type : string

relative path of the parsed file from the base parse directory

Class Constants


Method Detail

phpDocumentorTParser phpDocumentorTParser ()
bool parse (string &$parse_data, string $path, [int $base = 0], [bool $packages = false])

Constructor phpDocumentorTParser (line 197)

phpDocumentorTParser phpDocumentorTParser( )



Method parse (line 225)

bool parse( string &$parse_data, string $path, [int $base = 0], [bool $packages = false])

Overridden in child classes as:

Parse a new file

Overrides : Parser::parse() Parse a new file

Parse a new file


  • string &$parse_data: the parse data
  • string $path: the path
  • int $base: number of directories to drop off the bottom when creating names using path
  • bool $packages: ???


  • staticvar - int $endrecur: used for recursion limiting if a handler for an event is not found

Inherited Variables

Inherited Class Variable Summary

Inherited From Class Publisher

Publisher::$subscriber - Array of references objects that have Subscribed to this publisher

Inherited Methods

Inherited Method Summary

Inherited From Class Parser

Parser::Parser() - Set up invariant parsing variables

Parser::categoryTagHandler() - handles @category

Parser::checkEventPop() - this function checks whether parameter $word is a token for popping the current event off of the Event Stack.

Parser::checkEventPush() - this function checks whether parameter $word is a token for pushing a new event onto the Event Stack.

Parser::configWordParser() - tell the parser's WordParser $wp to set up tokens to parse words by.

Parser::defaultTagHandler() - Handles all standard tags that only have a description

Parser::endTag() - Called to clean up at the end of parsing a @tag in a docblock

Parser::exampleTagHandler() - handles @example

Parser::getParserEventName() - Debugging function, takes an event number and attempts to return its name

Parser::globalTagHandler() - handles @global

Parser::invalidTagHandler() - Handles tags like '@filesource' that only work in PHP 4.3.0+

Parser::packageTagHandler() - handles @package

Parser::paramTagHandler() - handles @param

Parser::parse() - Parse a new file

Parser::propertyTagHandler() - Handles @property(-read or -write) and @method magic tag

Parser::returnTagHandler() - handles @return

Parser::setupStates() - setup the parser tokens, and the pushEvent/popEvent arrays

Parser::staticvarTagHandler() - handles @staticvar

Parser::usesTagHandler() - handles @uses

Parser::varTagHandler() - handles @var

Inherited From Class Publisher

Publisher::publishEvent() - Publish an event

Publisher::subscribe() - Adds a subscriber to the $subscriber array().

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