Class parserExampleInlineTag

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Represents the example inline tag, used to display an example file inside a docblock or tutorial

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mixed parserExampleInlineTag (string $value, string $current_path, [bool $isTutorial = false])
string arrayConvert (Converter &$c)
string getProgramListing ()
void setSource (string|array $source, [string|bool $class = false])

Constructor parserExampleInlineTag (line 582)

mixed parserExampleInlineTag( string $value, string $current_path, [bool $isTutorial = false])



  • string $value: format "filepath[ start [end]]" where start and end are line numbers with the end line number optional
  • string $current_path: full path to the current file, used to check relative directory locations
  • bool $isTutorial: if true, then this is in a tutorial


  • todo - replace tokenizer_ext constant with TOKENIZER_EXT for CS rule

Method arrayConvert (line 733)

string arrayConvert( Converter &$c)

Overrides : parserSourceInlineTag::arrayConvert() converter helper used in PHP 4.3.0+

converter helper for PHP 4.3.0+



Method getProgramListing (line 752)

string getProgramListing( )

Return the source for the example file, enclosed in a <programlisting> tag to use in a tutorial


Method setSource (line 719)

void setSource( string|array $source, [string|bool $class = false])

Overrides : parserSourceInlineTag::setSource() sets the source tag's value

sets the source


  • string|array $source: source code
  • string|bool $class: class name if this is a method, boolean in php 4.3.0, if this is a method this will be true


Inherited Variables

Inherited Class Variable Summary

Inherited From Class parserSourceInlineTag

parserSourceInlineTag::$end - Last line to display

parserSourceInlineTag::$inlinetype - always 'source'

parserSourceInlineTag::$source - tokenized source organized by line numbers for php 4.3.0+, the old

parserSourceInlineTag::$start - First line of source code to display

Inherited From Class parserInlineTag

parserInlineTag::$type - Element type

Inherited From Class parserBase

parserBase::$value - set to different things by its descendants

Inherited Methods

Inherited Method Summary

Inherited From Class parserSourceInlineTag

parserSourceInlineTag::parserSourceInlineTag() - constructor

parserSourceInlineTag::arrayConvert() - converter helper used in PHP 4.3.0+

parserSourceInlineTag::Convert() - convert the tag

parserSourceInlineTag::getString() - gets the source string

parserSourceInlineTag::setSource() - sets the source tag's value

parserSourceInlineTag::stringConvert() - converter helper used in PHP 4.2.3-

parserSourceInlineTag::Strlen() - only used to determine blank lines. {@source} will not be blank, probably

Inherited From Class parserInlineTag

parserInlineTag::parserInlineTag() - sets up the tag

parserInlineTag::getString() - always gets an empty string

parserInlineTag::Strlen() - get length of the tag

Inherited From Class parserBase

parserBase::getType() - gets the type

parserBase::getValue() - gets the value

parserBase::setValue() - sets the given value

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