Class parserTutorial

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Class Variables

array $children
array $ini
string $name
string $package
string $path
string $type
boolean $_xml

$children = false (line 2124)

Data type : array

links to the child tutorials, or false if none

$ini = false (line 2100)

Data type : array

output from tutorialname.ext.ini

an array generated by phpDocumentor_parse_ini_file() containing an index 'Linked Tutorials' with an array of tutorial names in the order they should appear. This is used to generate a linked list of tutorials like phpDocumentor tags

$linked_element (line 2078)

Data type : mixed

The documentable element this tutorial is linked to

Can be a parserData, parserClass, or nothing for package/subpackage docs

$name (line 2088)

Data type : string

filename minus extension of this tutorial (used for @tutorial tag)

$next = false (line 2105)

Data type : tutorialLink

link to the next tutorial in a document series, or false if none

$package = 'default' (line 2067)

Data type : string

Overrides: Array

$parent = false (line 2119)

Data type : tutorialLink

link to the parent tutorial in a document series, or false if none

This is used to generate an "Up" or "Home" link like the php manual. The parent is defined as a tutorial that has a parenttutorialname.ext.ini file and is not contained by any other tutorial's tutorialname.ext.ini

$path (line 2083)

Data type : string

path to the tutorial page

$prev = false (line 2110)

Data type : tutorialLink

link to the previous tutorial in a document series, or false if none

$tutorial_type (line 2072)

Data type : string

Either cls, pkg, or proc

$type = 'tutorial' (line 2065)

Data type : string

Overrides: Array

Type is used by many functions to skip the hassle of if phpDocumentor_get_class($blah) == 'parserBlah'
  • var: - always 'tutorial'

$_xml = true (line 2090)

Data type : boolean

Class Constants


Method Detail

parserTutorial parserTutorial (parserXMLDocBookTag $data, information $info)
void Convert (Converter &$c, [boolean $postprocess = true])
string|tutorialLink getLink (Converter &$c, [boolean $pure = false], [string $section = ''])
void getNext (Converter &$c)
void getParent (Converter &$c)
void getPrev (Converter &$c)
void getTitle (Converter &$c, [string $subsection = ''])
boolean isChildOf (array $parents)
void setNext (parserTutorial $next, Converter &$c)
void setParent (parserTutorial $parent, Converter &$c)
void setPrev (parserTutorial $prev, Converter &$c)

Constructor parserTutorial (line 2136)

parserTutorial parserTutorial( parserXMLDocBookTag $data, information $info)


  • parserXMLDocBookTag $data: top-level tag (<refentry> for 1.2.0)
  • information $info:

    about the tutorial file. Format:

     array('tutename' => tutorial name,
           'path' => relative path of tutorial to tutorials/ directory
           'ini' => contents of the tutorial .ini file, if any)


Method Convert (line 2174)

void Convert( Converter &$c, [boolean $postprocess = true])

Overrides : parserPackagePage::Convert() parent method not documented


  • Converter &$c:
  • boolean $postprocess: determines whether character data is postprocessed to be Converter-friendly or not.


Method getLink (line 2278)

string|tutorialLink getLink( Converter &$c, [boolean $pure = false], [string $section = ''])

Get a link to this tutorial, or to any subsection of this tutorial


  • Converter &$c:
  • boolean $pure: if true, returns a tutorialLink instead of a string
  • string $section: section name to link to


Method getNext (line 2243)

void getNext( Converter &$c)

Retrieve converter-specific link to the next tutorial's documentation



Method getParent (line 2221)

void getParent( Converter &$c)

Retrieve converter-specific link to the parent tutorial's documentation



Method getPrev (line 2265)

void getPrev( Converter &$c)

Retrieve converter-specific link to the previous tutorial's documentation



Method getTitle (line 2154)

void getTitle( Converter &$c, [string $subsection = ''])

Retrieve the title of the tutorial, or of any subsection


  • Converter &$c:
  • string $subsection: which subsection to retrieve the title from, if any


  • uses - parserXMLDocBookTag::getSubSection() - retrieve the subsection to to get a title from

Method isChildOf (line 2199)

boolean isChildOf( array $parents)

Determine if this parserTutorial object is a child of another

WARNING: This method can enter an infinite loop when run on PHP v5.2.1... see PHP Bug #40608 and PEAR Bug #10289


  • array $parents: array of parserTutorials that have child tutorials


  • return - whether or not this tutorial is a child of the any of the parents

Method setNext (line 2232)

void setNext( parserTutorial $next, Converter &$c)



Method setParent (line 2184)

void setParent( parserTutorial $parent, Converter &$c)



Method setPrev (line 2254)

void setPrev( parserTutorial $prev, Converter &$c)



Inherited Variables

Inherited Class Variable Summary

Inherited From Class parserStringWithInlineTags

parserStringWithInlineTags::$value - array of strings and parserInlineTags

Inherited Methods

Inherited Method Summary

Inherited From Class parserPackagePage

parserPackagePage::parserPackagePage() -

parserPackagePage::Convert() -

Inherited From Class parserStringWithInlineTags

parserStringWithInlineTags::add() - equivalent to the . operator ($a = $b . $c)

parserStringWithInlineTags::Convert() - Use to convert the string to a real string with all inline tags parsed and linked

parserStringWithInlineTags::getString() - return the string unconverted (all inline tags are taken out - this should only be used in pre-parsing to see if any other text is in the string)

parserStringWithInlineTags::hasInlineTag() - Determine whether the string contains any inline tags

parserStringWithInlineTags::setSource() - Pass source code to any {@source} tags contained within the string for later conversion.

parserStringWithInlineTags::trimmedStrlen() - equivalent to trim(strlen($string))

Inherited From Class parserBase

parserBase::getType() - gets the type

parserBase::getValue() - gets the value

parserBase::setValue() - sets the given value

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