Class tutorialLink

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tutorial link

Class Variables

string $section
string $title
string $type

$section = '' (line 336)

Data type : string

$title = false (line 337)

Data type : string

$type = 'tutorial' (line 335)

Data type : string

Overrides: Array

Class Constants


Method Detail

void addLink (string $section, string $path, string $name, string $package, string $subpackage, [string $title = false], [string $category = false])

Method addLink (line 353)

void addLink( string $section, string $path, string $name, string $package, string $subpackage, [string $title = false], [string $category = false])

Overrides : abstractLink::addLink() sets up the link

sets up the link


  • string $section: section/subsection name
  • string $path: full path to file containing element
  • string $name: page name, as configured by Parser::parse
  • string $package: package element is in
  • string $subpackage: subpackage element is in
  • string $title: title of tutorial
  • string $category: optional category that documentation is in


Inherited Variables

Inherited Class Variable Summary

Inherited From Class abstractLink

abstractLink::$category -

abstractLink::$fileAlias - phpdoc alias _phpdoc_inc for

abstractLink::$name -

abstractLink::$package -

abstractLink::$path -

abstractLink::$subpackage -

Inherited Methods

Inherited Method Summary

Inherited From Class abstractLink

abstractLink::addLink() - sets up the link

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