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Class: parserData

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Class Overview

Contains an in-memory representation of all documentable elements (parserPage, parserFunction, parserDefine, parserInclude, parserClass, parserMethod, parserVar) and their DocBlocks (parserDocBlock).



  • Release: @VER@


  • 2002-2008 Gregory Beaver



Class Details

[line 363]
Contains an in-memory representation of all documentable elements (parserPage, parserFunction, parserDefine, parserInclude, parserClass, parserMethod, parserVar) and their DocBlocks (parserDocBlock).

This class works in coordination with phpDocumentor_IntermediateParser to take output from Parser::handleEvent() and create indexes, links, and other assorted things (all documented in phpDocumentor_IntermediateParser and Converter)


author:  Gregory Beaver <[email protected]>
version:  Release: @VER@
copyright:  2002-2008 Gregory Beaver
todo:  CS cleanup - change package to PhpDocumentor
since:  1.0rc1
license:  LGPL

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Class Variables

$classelements = array()

[line 395]

array of parsed class elements

Type:   array

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$clean =  true

[line 419]

used by phpDocumentor_IntermediateParser::handleDocBlock() to

determine whether a docblock is a page-level docblock or not. $clean is true as long as only 0 or 1 docblock has been parsed, and no element other than parserPage has been parsed

Type:   boolean

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$docblock =  false

[line 424]

DocBlock (parserDocBlock) for this page, or false if not set

Type:   mixed

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$elements = array()

[line 375]

array of parsed elements

Type:   array

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$links = array()

[line 411]

array of links descended from abstractLink


Type:   array

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$parent =  false

[line 370]

parserPage element that is this parserData's parent, or false if not set.

Type:   false|parserPage

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$privateclasselements = array()

[line 405]

array of parsed class elements with @access private

Type:   array

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$privateelements = array()

[line 390]

array of parsed elements with @access private

Type:   array

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$tutorial =  false

[line 400]

Type:   parserTutorial|false

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$type =  'page'

[line 438]

Type is used by many functions to skip the hassle of if

  1. phpDocumentor_get_class($blah== 'parserBlah'
always 'page', used in element indexing and conversion functions found in Converter

Type:   string

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Class Methods

method addElement [line 449]

void addElement( parserElement &$element)

add a new element to the tracking array


parserElement   &$element   add a parsed element to the $elements array, also sets $clean to false

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method addLink [line 553]

string addLink( parserElement &$element, [string $classorpackage = ''], [string $subpackage = ''])

adds a link


parserElement   &$element   element to add a new link (descended from abstractLink) to the $links array
string   $classorpackage   classname for elements that are class-based (this may be deprecated in the future, as the classname should be contained within the element. if $element is a page, this parameter is a package name
string   $subpackage   subpackage name for page elements

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method addTutorial [line 499]

void addTutorial( parserTutorial $t, Converter &$c)

adds a tutorial parser


parserTutorial   $t   a tutorial parser
Converter   &$c   the output converter

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method explicitDocBlock [line 532]

bool explicitDocBlock( )

Tells this page that its DocBlock was not implicit

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method getClasses [line 633]

array getClasses( Converter &$c)

returns a list of all classes declared in a file


return:  Format: array( packagename => parserClass, packagename => parserClass, ... )


Converter   &$c   output converter

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method getLink [line 615]

string &getLink( Converter &$c, [bool $text = false])

returns a link


Converter   &$c   the output converter
bool   $text   a text flag

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method getName [line 650]

string getName( )

Get the output-safe filename (. changed to _)

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method getTutorial [line 512]

tutorialLink getTutorial( )

If this file has a tutorial associated with it, returns a link to the tutorial.

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method hasClasses [line 486]

boolean hasClasses( )

Does this package have classes?

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method hasExplicitDocBlock [line 522]

bool hasExplicitDocBlock( )

If the page-level DocBlock was present in the source, returns true

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method hasInterfaces [line 476]

bool hasInterfaces( )

Does this package have interfaces?

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method isClean [line 674]

bool isClean( )

checks if the element is "cleaned" already


return:  returns the value of $clean

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method setDocBlock [line 687]

void setDocBlock( parserDocBlock &$docblock)

sets the docblock


see:  parserDocBlock


parserDocBlock   &$docblock   docblock element

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method setParent [line 664]

void setParent( parserPage &$parent)

sets the parent


parserPage   &$parent   parent element of this parsed data

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