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Class: Io

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Class Overview

Class to handle file and user io opperations



  • $Id: 286921 2009-08-08 05:01:24Z ashnazg $



Class Details

[line 50]
Class to handle file and user io opperations


author:  Gregory Beaver <[email protected]>
author:  Joshua Eichorn <[email protected]>
version:  $Id: 286921 2009-08-08 05:01:24Z ashnazg $

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Class Variables

$ignore =

[line 63]

Format: array(array(regexp-ready string to search for whole path,

regexp-ready string to search for basename of ignore strings),...)

Type:   false|array

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$phpDocOptions =

[line 57]

Holds all the options that are avaible to the cmd line interface

and to the different web interfaces

Type:   mixed

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$valid_booleans = array
        '', ' ', 'on', 'y', 'yes', 'true', '1', 
        'off', 'n', 'no', 'false', '0'


[line 71]

A specific array of values that boolean-based arguments can understand, aided by the decideOnOrOff() helper method.

Use lowercase letters always, to simplify string comparisons

Type:   array

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Class Methods

constructor Io [line 87]

Io Io( )

creates an array $this->phpDocOptions and sets program options in it.

Array is in the format of:

 [filename][tag][] = "f";
 [filename][tag][] = "-file";
 [filename][desc] "name of file to parse"

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method checkIgnore [line 717]

bool checkIgnore( string $file, string $path, array $ignore, [bool $ignore_no_ext = true], [bool $ignoresymlinks = false])

Tell whether to ignore a file or a directory allows * and ? wildcards


return:  true if $path should be ignored, false if it should not
author:  Greg Beaver <[email protected]>
usedby:  Io::getDirTree()


string   $file   just the file name of the file or directory, in the case of directories this is the last dir
string   $path   the path to consider (should be checked by realpath() before, and may be relative)
array   $ignore  
bool   $ignore_no_ext  
bool   $ignoresymlinks   Ignore symlinks?

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method dirList [line 377]

array dirList( $orig_directory, [bool $hidden = false], [bool $ignore_symlinks = false], string $directory)


return:  list of files in a directory
usedby:  Io::getAllFiles()
usedby:  Io::getDirTree()


string   $directory   full path to the directory you want the list of
bool   $hidden   whether to list files that begin with . like .bash_history
bool   $ignore_symlinks   whether to ignore symlinks

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method displayHelpMsg [line 204]

string displayHelpMsg( )

create the help message for display on the command-line


return:  a string containing a help message

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method getAllFiles [line 888]

mixed getAllFiles( string $file)

Take a filename with wildcards and return all files that match the



return:  if $file contains wildcards, returns an array of matching files, otherwise returns false
author:  Greg Beaver <[email protected]>
uses:  Io::removeNonMatches()
uses:  Io::dirList()


string   $file   a full path from the -f command-line parameter, with potential * and ? wildcards.

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method getBase [line 444]

void getBase( array $filelist)

Retrieve common directory (case-insensitive in windows)

takes the list of files, and returns the subdirectory they share in common, so in this list:

  1.  array(
  2.  "/dir1/dir2/subdir/dir3/filename.ext",
  3.  "/dir1/dir2/subdir/dir4/filename.ext",
  4.  "/dir1/dir2/mydir/dir5/filename.ext");

getBase will return "/dir1/dir2"


array   $filelist   array of strings

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method getDirTree [line 564]

void getDirTree( string $dir, string $base_dir, [array $ignore = array()], [boolean $hidden = false], [boolean $ignoresymlinks = false])


uses:  setup_dirs()
uses:  Io::dirList()
uses:  Io::checkIgnore()


string   $dir   directory
string   $base_dir   base directory
array   $ignore   array of ignored items
boolean   $hidden   the "hidden" flag
boolean   $ignoresymlinks   the "ignoresymlinks" flag

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method getReadmeInstallChangelog [line 537]

array getReadmeInstallChangelog( string $base, array $filelist)




string   $base   base directory from getBase()
array   $filelist   file list from dirList()

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method getRegExpableSearchString [line 832]

string getRegExpableSearchString( string $s)

Converts $s into a string that can be used with preg_match


return:  converts * to .*, ? to ., etc.
author:  Greg Beaver <[email protected]>


string   $s   string with wildcards ? and *

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method getTutorials [line 493]

array getTutorials( array $filelist)

Retrieve tutorial subdirectories and their contents from the list of

files to parse


return:  array(filelist - tutorials, tutorials)


array   $filelist   array of paths (strings)

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method isIncludeable [line 245]

boolean isIncludeable( string $filename)

calls for each value in include_path,

then calls when it finds the file


string   $filename  

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method parseArgv [line 277]

array parseArgv( )

Parses $_SERVER['argv'] and creates a setup array


return:  a setup array
global:  array $argv: command-line arguments
todo:  replace with Console_* ?

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method readPhpFile [line 648]

void readPhpFile( string $path, [ $quietMode = false])

Reads a file and returns it as a string Does basic error checking

file extensions are set in


global:  array $_phpDocumentor_cvsphpfile_exts: PHP File extensions, used to validate that $path is a PHP File
global:  array $_phpDocumentor_phpfile_exts: PHP File extensions in a CVS repository, used to validate that $path is a PHP File


string   $path  

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method removeNonMatches [line 859]

string|array removeNonMatches( array $dir, string $match)

Removes files from the $dir array that do not match the search string in



return:  listing of every file in a directory that matches the search string
author:  Greg Beaver <[email protected]>
usedby:  Io::getAllFiles()


array   $dir   array of filenames (full path)
string   $match   search string with wildcards

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method _setupIgnore [line 796]

void _setupIgnore( array $ignore)

Construct the $ignore array


author:  Greg Beaver <[email protected]>
access:  protected


array   $ignore   strings of files/paths/wildcards to ignore

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