Class parserGlobal

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Class Variables

string $datatype
string $type

$datatype = 'mixed' (line 229)

Data type : string

Name of the global's data type

$type = 'global' (line 223)

Data type : string

Overrides: Array

Type is used by many functions to skip the hassle of if phpDocumentor_get_class($blah) == 'parserBlah'
  • var: - always 'global'

Class Constants


Method Detail

mixed getConflicts (Converter &$c)
string getDataType (Converter &$converter)
mixed getLink (Converter &$c, [string $text = false], [ $returnobj = false])
void setDataType (string $type)

Method getConflicts (line 251)

mixed getConflicts( Converter &$c)

Returns all global variables in other packages that have the same name as this global variable



Method getDataType (line 277)

string getDataType( Converter &$converter)

Retrieve converter-specific representation of the data type

If the data type is a documented class name, then this function will return a Converter-specific link to that class's documentation, so users can click/browse to the documentation directly from the global variable declaration



Method getLink (line 237)

mixed getLink( Converter &$c, [string $text = false], [ $returnobj = false])

quick way to link to this element


  • Converter &$c:
  • string $text: text to display for the link or false for default text
  • $returnobj:


  • return - converter-specific link to this global variable

Method setDataType (line 262)

void setDataType( string $type)

Sets the name of the global variable's type


  • string $type:


Inherited Variables

Inherited Class Variable Summary

Inherited From Class parserElement

parserElement::$conflicts -

parserElement::$docblock -

parserElement::$endlinenumber - line number on file where this element stops

parserElement::$file - location of this element (filename)

parserElement::$linenumber - Line number in the source on which this element appears

parserElement::$name - name of this element, or include type if element is a parserInclude

parserElement::$path - full path location of this element (filename)

Inherited From Class parserBase

parserBase::$value - set to different things by its descendants

Inherited Methods

Inherited Method Summary

Inherited From Class parserElement

parserElement::getEndLineNumber() -

parserElement::getFile() -

parserElement::getLineNumber() -

parserElement::getName() -

parserElement::getPackage() -

parserElement::getPath() -

parserElement::setDocBlock() -

parserElement::setEndLineNumber() - Sets the ending line number of elements

parserElement::setFile() -

parserElement::setLineNumber() - Set starting line number

parserElement::setName() -

parserElement::setPath() -

Inherited From Class parserBase

parserBase::getType() - gets the type

parserBase::getValue() - gets the value

parserBase::setValue() - sets the given value

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