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Class: tutorialLink

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Class tutorialLink

Inherited Properties, Constants, and Methods
Property Summary
string   $section  
string   $title  
string   $type  

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Method Summary
void   addLink()   sets up the link

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string   $section = '' [line 336]

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string   $title = false [line 337]

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string   $type = 'tutorial' [line 335]

Redefinition of:
element type linked to.

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addLink  [line 353]

  void addLink( string $section, string $path, string $name, string $package, string $subpackage, [string $title = false], [string $category = false]  )

sets up the link

string   $section:  section/subsection name
string   $path:  full path to file containing element
string   $name:  page name, as configured by Parser::parse
string   $package:  package element is in
string   $subpackage:  subpackage element is in
string   $title:  title of tutorial
string   $category:  optional category that documentation is in

Redefinition of:
sets up the link

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