Class parserInheritdocInlineTag

(line 789)



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Represents the inheritdoc inline tag, used by classes/methods/vars to inherit documentation from the parent class if possible

Class Variables

string $inlinetype

$inlinetype = 'inheritdoc' (line 795)

Data type : string

Overrides: Array

always 'inheritdoc'

Class Constants


Method Detail

parserInheritdocInlineTag parserInheritdocInlineTag ()
string Convert ()

Constructor parserInheritdocInlineTag (line 800)

parserInheritdocInlineTag parserInheritdocInlineTag( )

Does nothing, overrides parent constructor


Method Convert (line 810)

string Convert( )

only sets a warning and returns empty


  • todo - CS cleanup - rename to convert for camelCase rule

Inherited Variables

Inherited Class Variable Summary

Inherited From Class parserInlineTag

parserInlineTag::$type - Element type

Inherited From Class parserBase

parserBase::$value - set to different things by its descendants

Inherited Methods

Inherited Method Summary

Inherited From Class parserInlineTag

parserInlineTag::parserInlineTag() - sets up the tag

parserInlineTag::getString() - always gets an empty string

parserInlineTag::Strlen() - get length of the tag

Inherited From Class parserBase

parserBase::getType() - gets the type

parserBase::getValue() - gets the value

parserBase::setValue() - sets the given value

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