Class parserNameTag

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This class represents the @name tag

Class Variables

string $keyword

$keyword = 'name' (line 209)

Data type : string

Overrides: Array

tag name

Class Constants


Method Detail

parserNameTag parserNameTag (string $name, string $value)
string Convert (Converter &$c)

Constructor parserNameTag (line 217)

parserNameTag parserNameTag( string $name, string $value)

set up the name tag


  • string $name: tag name (not used)
  • string $value: tag value


Method Convert (line 231)

string Convert( Converter &$c)

Overrides : parserTag::Convert() Perform the output conversion on this parserTag using the output converter that is passed in

process this tag through the given output converter



Inherited Variables

Inherited Class Variable Summary

Inherited From Class parserTag

parserTag::$type - Type is used by many functions to skip the hassle of

Inherited From Class parserStringWithInlineTags

parserStringWithInlineTags::$value - array of strings and parserInlineTags

Inherited Methods

Inherited Method Summary

Inherited From Class parserTag

parserTag::parserTag() - Set up the tag

parserTag::Convert() - Perform the output conversion on this parserTag using the output converter that is passed in

parserTag::getString() - Returns the text minus any inline tags

parserTag::HandleEvent() - Called by the parserDescParser when processing a description.

Inherited From Class parserStringWithInlineTags

parserStringWithInlineTags::add() - equivalent to the . operator ($a = $b . $c)

parserStringWithInlineTags::Convert() - Use to convert the string to a real string with all inline tags parsed and linked

parserStringWithInlineTags::getString() - return the string unconverted (all inline tags are taken out - this should only be used in pre-parsing to see if any other text is in the string)

parserStringWithInlineTags::hasInlineTag() - Determine whether the string contains any inline tags

parserStringWithInlineTags::setSource() - Pass source code to any {@source} tags contained within the string for later conversion.

parserStringWithInlineTags::trimmedStrlen() - equivalent to trim(strlen($string))

Inherited From Class parserBase

parserBase::getType() - gets the type

parserBase::getValue() - gets the value

parserBase::setValue() - sets the given value

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