Class parserPage


Contains information about a PHP file, used to group procedural elements together.

Located in /phpDocumentor/ (line 59)

Variable Summary
string $category
string $file
string $id
string $modDate
string $name
string $origName
string $package
string $path
array $source
string $subpackage
string $type
Method Summary
parserPage parserPage ()
string|bool getFile ()
string getName ()
array getPackageOutput ()
bool getParseData ()
string getPath ()
string getSourceLocation (Converter $c, [bool $pearize = false])
string getType ()
void setFile (string $file)
void setName (string $name)
void setPackageOutput (array $packages)
void setPath (string $path)
void setSource (string|array $source)
void setSourceLocation (string $source)
string $category = 'default' (line 97)
string $file = '' (line 76)

filename.ext (no path)

string $id = '' (line 71)

not implemented in this version, will be used to link xml output pages

string $modDate = '' (line 115)

not implemented yet

file modification date, will be used for makefiles

string $name = '' (line 86)

phpdoc-safe name (only letters, numbers and _)

string $origName = '' (line 93)

original phpdoc-safe name (only letters, numbers and _)

This fixes [ 1391432 ] Too many underscores in include links.

string $package = 'default' (line 101)
mixed $packageOutput = false (line 132)

Used to limit output, contains contents of --packageoutput commandline.

Does not increase parsing time. Use --ignore for that

string $parserVersion = PHPDOCUMENTOR_VER (line 109)
string $path = '' (line 119)
  • var: full path this page represents
array $source = array() (line 124)

Tokenized source code of the file

string $sourceLocation = '' (line 81)

relative source location

string $subpackage = '' (line 105)
string $type = 'page' (line 66)

Type is used by many functions to skip the hassle of if

  1. phpDocumentor_get_class($blah== 'parserBlah'

Constructor parserPage (line 139)

sets package to default package

parserPage parserPage ()
getFile (line 188)

gets the file name

  • return: filename.ext or @name alias, or FALSE if it's not set
string|bool getFile ()
getName (line 273)

gets the name

  • return: phpdoc-safe name (only _, numbers and letters), or FALSE if it's not set
string getName ()
getPackageOutput (line 247)

gets the package output array

array getPackageOutput ()
getParseData (line 333)

Not implemented in this version

  • return: tell the parser whether to parse the file, otherwise this function will retrieve the parsed data from external file
bool getParseData ()
getPath (line 219)

gets the path

  • return: fully delimited path (OS-dependent format), or FALSE if it's not set
string getPath ()
getSourceLocation (line 307)

gets the source location

  • return: path of this file relative to program root
  • todo: determine if the str_replace in the 'pear/' ELSE branch should be removed (see Documentation/tests/bug1574043.php). It does NOT exist in the similar function parserClass->getSourceLocation() in
string getSourceLocation (Converter $c, [bool $pearize = false])
  • Converter $c: the output converter
  • bool $pearize: if this parameter is true, it will truncate the source location to the subdirectory of pear
getType (line 150)

gets the tag type

  • return: always "page"
string getType ()
setFile (line 177)

Sets the name to display in documentation (can be an alias set with @name)

void setFile (string $file)
  • string $file: the file name
setName (line 261)

sets the name

void setName (string $name)
  • string $name: phpdoc-safe name (only _, numbers and letters) set by Parser::parse()
setPackageOutput (line 236)

loads the package output array

void setPackageOutput (array $packages)
  • array $packages: array of packages to display in documentation (package1,package2,...)
setPath (line 203)

sets the path to the file

void setPath (string $path)
  • string $path: full path to file
setSource (line 165)

Sets the source code of the file for highlighting.

PHP 4.3.0+ passes an array of tokenizer tokens by line number. PHP 4.2.3- passes a string to be passed to

void setSource (string|array $source)
  • string|array $source: the token array/string
setSourceLocation (line 288)

sets the source location

void setSourceLocation (string $source)
  • string $source: path of this file relative to program root

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