Class Publisher


a class for handling the publishing of data

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Class Description
Parser PHP Parser for PHP 4.2.3-
Variable Summary
array $popEvent
array $pushEvent
array $subscriber
array $tokens
Method Summary
void publishEvent (integer $event, mixed $data)
void subscribe (integer $event, class &$object)
array $popEvent = array() (line 67)
array $pushEvent = array() (line 66)
array $subscriber = array() (line 62)

Array of references objects that have Subscribed to this publisher

array $tokens = array() (line 64)
publishEvent (line 96)

Publish an event

void publishEvent (integer $event, mixed $data)
  • integer $event: see PARSER_EVENT_* constants
  • mixed $data: anything the subscribed event handler is expecting
subscribe (line 83)

Adds a subscriber to the $subscriber array().

if $event is '*', the publisher will use $object as the default event handler

  • todo: CS Cleanup - there's no way I can get the &$object desc under 85 chars
void subscribe (integer $event, class &$object)

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